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With Core - All-in-one lightweight, blazing fast, employee communication platform of the future that adjusts to your needs
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Why Core?

Workspace that fits your needs

Core is:
  • Modular, adjusts to your needs
  • Collaborative, offline-first
  • Designed to maximize your deep-focus productivity
  • Built to improved visibility
  • Helping you communicate effortlessly

Your smart Assistant

Core comes with a Buddy Bot - your personal assistant that can:

  • Streamline onboarding
  • Smart-extract your messages to Knowledge Base
  • Instantly access any information in Knowledge Base

Never lose context again

With Knowledge Base Module - the intellectual treasury of your company. From business definitions to all sorts of nuggets of wisdom, this module has it all. Search it all instantly with Buddy Bot. Knowledge sharing has never been easier.

Everything in one place

Chats and channels
All your communication in one place. Core is organized into topic-based channels where you can collaborate and talk.
Fed up with slow desktop apps hogging resources? Core prioritizes performance, letting you focus on what matters most.
Video conferences
Enjoy voice channels, calls, and screen sharing for up to 5 people.
All documentation
Knowledge Base is like your private Wikipedia. It’s the one place for everything your team needs to know.
We use end-to-end encryption for all communication and comply with the highest security standards.
And more
Core is a modular platform. Our modules will meet the whole spectrum of your needs.

Core vs other apps

Video conferencing
Values data privacy
Multiple group conversations with same people
Deeply integrated Knowledge Base
App size (Mb)~5~180~180~180
Built for teams

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Who are you?

Simon and Jacob - two people passionated about software development & AI. We are not a VC backed startup, we build Core on a side of our 9-5 jobs.

When will you shut down this project?

Is Core also a good fit for big teams?

How are you better than X?

Is Core paid?

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